Wobbly Wiggler

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You are tired of manually adding secondary motion to your character? Upgrade Your Animation Experience with Wobbly Wiggler add-on for Blender:

  • three click setup,
  • see the effect directly on bones that you are interacting with, using Grab or Rotate tool,
  • written in python yet fast: 30-40 bones can be simulated without visual slowdowns,

For Blender 4.x use Wobbly Wiggler 2.x (and up) (for Blender 3.6 LTS and below use Wobbly Wiggler 1.1)

Example animation from Zorak artist, with jiggle on: hair, breasts, skirt and earings


  • assign jiggle preset to groups of bones - and tweak them all at once,
  • blending control between: pure skeletal animation and skeletal animation plus jiggle (with Influence slider)
  • simulate bones with key-framed animation - add jiggle on top of base character movement
  • Interactive mode - no need to play animation to see the jiggle effect in 3d View - helpful for tweaking jiggle physics settings
  • Animated mode - for baking your sim, or previewing sim on animated characters (requires animation to be playing to see the jiggle effect)
  • stick physics switch - where segment movement affect not only following bones, but previous segments too
  • add-on supports: bone to bone and bone to mesh collisions - uses bone envelope shape for collision,
  • baking jiggle effect to key-framed animation (option to bake to separate NLA strip),

Same animation with and without wiggle effect. Adding these secondary motions, visible on right, would be time consuming.

Location: in right sidebar of Blender 3D View, Tools Tab (can be changed in preferences)

How To Use - setup in 3 clicks:

  • enter armature pose mode
  • select few pose-bones for which you want to assign jiggle physics (its best to use on short chains - 2-3 bones)
  • Click [+] button in: 3D View Right Siderbar > Tools Tab > Wobbly Wiggler Panel, to assign jiggle physics,
  • Press 'Run Spring Physics' - to see the jiggle in 3D View,

For animation preview - it is best to use 'Animation Mode' - this way jiggle will simulate only when animation is playing.

This animation uses jiggle blending - where I muted the jiggle effect on hit, so that character fists do not feel floppy at impact

Documentation - bit old based on Hair Tool add-on docs (back then it did not had mesh collisions, stick physics, animated mode etc)

Latest YT video showing how to use it.

Update 1.1 (22.04.2022)

  • Fixed Wiggle groups names not displayed correctly and not being able to assign selected wiggle group

Update 1.2 For Blender 4.0 (21.11.2023)

  • added Blender 4.0 compatibility (for Blender 3.6 and below use WWiggler ver 1.1),
  • Fixed wiggle damping increasing with time,

Update 1.3 ( 23.01.2024, For Blender 4.0),

  • Fix Bones Panel not showing correctly,
  • fixed bone chain generation - they should be more stable now (less wobbly > more natural looking),

Update 1.4 ( 22.03.2024, For Blender 4.0),

  • Fix slow-motion effect when using low stiffness,

Update 1.4 ( 22.03.2024, For Blender 4.0),

  • Fix slow-motion effect when using low stiffness,

Updated 2.0 06.05.2024, For Blender 4.x,

  • Wiggle Bones can be moved now,
  • WWiggler use angular springs now,
  • Added more realistic 'Stick Physics',
  • Wiggle strength can be modified (an animated) with influence input,
  • Support dynamic mesh colliders,
  • Added option to Bake jiggle,
  • Updated UI,

Update 2.1 (09.05.2024, For Blender 4.x),

This release breaks compatibility with previous version (2.0) of Wobbly Wiggler - it is best to update and use on new projects,

  • safer way of restoring bone colors - when removing jiggle from them,
  • Jiggle Groups are now stored in object (previously they were stored in scene) - Breaking Change,
  • Collision settings now can be stored in: Armature, Jiggle Group or per bone - Breaking Change,
  • new option to keep 'WiggleWrite' constraint - this way you can put another constraint after it - to e.g. limit arm movement axis (option is located in same drop-down menu where 'Draw Debug' option is),

Update 2.2 and 2.3 (15.05.2024, For Blender 4.x),

  • Added option to mute jiggle groups,
  • Improve performance - fix regression introduced in WWiggler 2.1 (slower BVH Tree calculations),
  • Fix 'Remove Jiggle Group' operation - bones will be now reassigned correctly,
  • improve heuristic for finding jiggle chains in armature,
  • other bugfixes,
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ZIP file with Blender addon for Jiggle Bones Simulation

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Wobbly Wiggler

10 ratings
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