Wobbly Wiggler

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Add-on for Blender 3.1 and above (should work in 2.93 too) for simulating jiggle bones. It was part of Hair Tool add-on, now distributed as separate tool for animation.

Location: in right sidebar of Blender 3D View, Tools Tab (can be changed in preferences)

How To Use:

  • Go into armature pose mode
  • Select pose-bones for which you want to assign jiggle physics
  • Click [+] button - 'Assign Jiggle Settings'. You can tweak mass, stiffness, damping and gravity.
  • Press 'Run Spring Physics' - bones with jiggle will now follow movement of the first non spring bone.
  • If you want to bake sim - switch to 'Animated' mode. Physics will now run only when animation is playing.

Documentation (for now based on Hair Tool docs, since it has same functionality)

Update 1.1 (22.04.2022)

  • Fixed Wiggle groups names not disaplayed correctly and not being able to assing selected wiggle group

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  • ZIP file with Blender addon for Jiggle Bones Simulation
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Wobbly Wiggler

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