Shape Transfer

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Addon for Blender 2.93 and 3.x for transferring shape-keys from source object (body) to target object (clothes).

Location: Right sidebar -> Tools -> Shape Transfer panel.

How to use:

  • Enter Source object  name. Source object should have shape keys (eg. body with fat, medium, slim shape keys).
  • Enter target object name - that will receive shape keys (eg. clothes that will receive fat, slim, medium shape keys).
  • Press shape transfer - you clothes will receive shape-keys from body object. Changing shape key value slider on Source object will now change corresponding shape key value on your targe object. You can delete shape keys with  - "shape keys clean" button.

While there are no restrictions with regard to the topology of modified mesh, the source object’s mesh (usually character body) has to follow few requirments:

  • It must not contain edges with more than two faces.
  • It must not contain concave faces (no longer required since 2.5 update)
  • It must not contain overlapping vertices (doubles).
  • It must not contain faces with collinear edges.

Addon discord support channel

Addon comes with example blend file with Source body and target clothes that you can  transfer shape keys to.

Update 2.3 (27.01.2020)

  • added option to transfer only selected shape-keys or all shapes.
  • now addon will not remove all existing shapes on target mesh, on shape transfer.
  • fix transfer problem when source shape is driven by driver.

Update 2.4 (13.05.2020)

  • fix error when not shapes to transfer are selected

Update 2.5 (13.10.2020)

  • transfer of shapes from meshes with concave geometry should be not be a problem anymore

Update 2.6 (30.01.2022)

  • better error message, describing possible causes of wrong binding
  • automatically try second time to shape transfer, when binding failed but this time on triangulated version of mesh (helps to fix bind in case of mesh with concave faces)

Update 2.8 (30.12.2022)

  • do not create multiple same drivers
  • you can choose more than 32 shapes to transfer now.
  • bug fixes

Update 2.9 (28.09.2023) I made small improvement in handling failed transfers:

  • addon will correctly clean up its own temporary modifier on transfer fail, and it will show more descriptive way of fixing the invalid geometry.
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Shape Transfer

38 ratings
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