Rotate Face

131 ratings
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Rotate Face

131 ratings

Add-on for Blender 2.93 and 3.x
Rotate selection, using helper gizmo, without breaking adjacent faces normal directions.
It will help you to block in hard-surface planes more easily.

How to use:

  • in mesh edit mode open menu: 'Face'  => 'Rotate Face' (at the very bottom)
  • or open same menu using Ctrl + F hotkey when having some faces selected.
  • or hit spacebar -> search for 'Rotate Face'

After entering modal Rotate Face mode you can use following keys:

  • [LMB/R]: Rotate faces
  • [E/G]: Pull faces along normal
  • [X/Y or Z]: Axis Snap
  • [Shift] + [X/Y or Z] - rotating plane axis collapse - e. g. Shift+X will transform plane normal vector from (x,y,z) to (0, y, z)
  • [B]: Bisect Mode - will slice geometry
  • [ESC/RMB]: Finish

Update 1.1 + 1.2 (08.05.2020)

  • better push/pull clamping (verts will merge, preventing selected face flip or deformations)
  • fix bad result when running Rotate face from ctrl+F menu

Update 1.3 (23.08.2021) - Last Version with Gizmo

  • fix crash in latest blender 2.93.3

Update 1.4 (26.04.2022) - non Gizmo version (it was dropped because of gizmo bug in Blender)

  • rewrote the addon to not the use gizmos (since bug in blender that does not seems to be fixed any time soon)
  • added auto- updater

Updated 1.5 (04.05.2022) - non Gizmo version,

  • nicer 3D View 'fake' Gizmo,
  • added [Ctrl+RMB] and [Ctrl+Shift+RMB] for face selection when running Rotate Face operator,
  • added [Shift + X/Y/Z] - rotation plane axis collapse - eg. Shift+X will transform plane normal from (x,y,z) to (0, y, z)
  • fix error when running Rotate Face from Header -> Face menu.
  • fake gizmo is now drawn in constant screen space scale
  • bug fixes
I want this!

Blender addon Zip file for rotating faces.


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