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ReBevel for Blender

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Add-on Blender (3.6, 4.x)  for tweaking existing mesh bevels (adjust existing bevel segment count, size, collapse bevel, adjust bevel profile etc). ReBevel addon also comes with bundled Loop Ring Select add-on (included in same zip file as ReBevel). LoopRingSelect - grow[shrink] edge loops, rings (simplifies working with ReBevel - I highly recommend to install it together).


  • ReBevel addon - alt+B to adjust existing bevel (change bevel size, segment count etc). Requires user to selected edge rings that creates bevel first.
  • Loop Ring Select addon - L - key for pie menu, for quick selection, growing or shrinking of edge loops/rings.


  • adjust width, segment count on mesh bevels
  • adjust width, segment count on curve bevels
  • collapse bevel edges into original sharp corner
  • addon will try to maintain geometry data if possible (edge sharpness, crease, material  ids, etc)

video demo

Update 2.1 video demo - curve reBevel

Download zip file then in blender preferences -> Addons -> press 'Install..' button located at top.  Then just point blender to place where you downloaded zip file.

Search for:  ReBevel  - to change its default alt+B hotkey

Search for: 'Loop Ring' - to change Loop Ring Select pie menu L hotkey.

Update 1.1  and 1.2 (24.01.2020)

  • 1.1 - fixed ugly bevel result, when changing segments count, on partially selected bevel ring edes
  • 1.2 - way better algorithm for non trivial bevel cases.

Update 1.3 (25.01.2020)

  • remove old unused ReBevel operator properties. Code cleanup

Update 1.4 (27.01.2020)

  • ReBevel will now try to preserve edge and face data (edge crease, sharpness, bevel weight, material etc). Previously addon would generate blank geometry

Update 1.5 (06.02.2020)

  • added bevel profiles support (works only in blender 2.82)
  • fixed bug when changing segment count in modal mode sometimes loops will be missing or there would be 2 loops on top of eachother
  • LoopRing Select - loop select will behave more comparable to default blender loop select on T-kind edge splits.

Update 1.6 (17.02.2020)

  • tweaked ReBevel resizing behavior on non uniform bevels
  • added 'Search Angle' to Loop select tool.

Update 1.7 (19.02.2020)

  • now we can ReBevel vertices on flat faces

Update 1.8 (24.04.2020)

  • fix wrong ring sorting bug in ReBevel
  • added resize mode property (uniform or proportional)

Update 1.9 (20.11.2020)

  • added status-bar info when running ReBevel (bevel size, segment count, etc)
  • added Shift - snapping to 50%, 100%, 200% of original bevel sizes
  • fix Rebevel not updating after modal part being finished, and performing first non-modal bevel width adjustment

Update 2.0 (26.11.2020)

  • Tensions is now renamed to 'Shape' and results are now the same as build-in blender bevel
  • Changed hotkeys - hold Ctrl for bevel width snapping, shift + MMB scroll for Shape adjustment
  • bugfixes

Update 2.1 (10.03.2021)

  • you can now Bevel and reBevel curves

Update 2.2+2.3 (22.04.2021)

  • added clamping when beveling curve
  • nicer beveling of small curves
  • fix handles behavior on bezier curves bevel

Update 2.4 (04.06.2021)

  • fixed re-bevel not bridging adjacent segments on cyclic bevel edges

Update 2.5 (03.02.2022)

  • added some fixes for Blender 3.0
  • added ONE and TWO key as additional keys for changing segments count.

Update 2.6 (10.10.2022)

  • fix for some corner case, where mesh was not being bridged by rebevel correctly, leaving ugly ngon.

Update 2.7 (16.11.2023)

  • added Blender 4.x compatibility

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ReBevel for Blender

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