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Draw Xray

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Addon for Blender 3.6 and 4.0, that will show retopology overlay on top of your mesh.

Pros compared to build-in Blender retopo overlay:

  • easier to see which parts of your retopo mesh protrude out of your hipoly mesh, and which are below hipoly surface (build-in retopo overlay makes it impossible to see - if your mesh it above or below highpoly surface - see image below)
  • more customizable
    • faces overlay color, opacity, edges opacity,
    • depth bias,
    • supports drawing in various modes: Sculpt, Edit, Paint, Object mode,
  • draw with-or without modifiers


  • slower - it is coded in python, so it wont be as fast as native C++ code.

| No Overlay | Blender Retopo Overlay | DrawXray (right) | - with Blender build-in retopo overlay it is impossible to tell if lowpoly mesh is under or above highpoly geometry. With DrawXray it is easier to tell which parts of lowpoly mesh have to be pushed in or out.

Paid version comes with snapping features:

  • better approximation of high-poly mesh - thanks to taking into account mesh curvature (sink lowpoly mesh into valleys, push outside on peaks and keep retopo mesh close to flat surfaces) - see video below,
  • support for retopology with subdivision modifier - DrawXray will negate mesh shrinking effect caused by that modifier,
  • linking pairs of hipoly and lowpoly meshes, etc

Both free and $ version comes with fixed version of F2 add-on ( - which wont crash when using F2 with DrawXray. Just disable the build-in F2 plugin, and replace it with the one from zip file below (named 'F2 Xray Fix')

How to use:

  • Install DrawXray like any other Blender add-on - see Blender docs
  • In 3D View Top Bar > Viewport Overlays > 'Enable Xray' - if you go to mesh edit mode, you will se new overlay rendered on top of your mesh
  • Depth Bias - will determine how much your lowpoly object will be rendered in front of other objects. Set it to 0 to get default blender behavior.
  • You can change Face Color and Highlights Color;
  • Xray Overlay can be enabled in following modes: Edit, Sculpt, Paint, Object (default - Edit; shift+Click to select multiple modes).


Update 2.3 Blender 2.8 only (23.08.2019)

  • fixed crashes on scripts reload, and other bugs.
  • by default per object snapping is now set to 'Global' . Saves few clicks: when you enable global snapping, all objects will use now global target. You can still change it per object in: 'Object Viewport' panel to: Disabled or Local (different snap target for each object)

Update 2.7 Blender 2.8 and 2.9  (19.11.2020)

  • addon draws more uniform edges now
  • more snapping options (based on shrink wrap modifier)
  • Simplified UI (there is no longer separate panel in object properties)

Update 2.8 for Blender 2.93 and 3.0 (01.12.2021)

  • Added compatibility with Blender 3.0

Update 2.9 for Blender 2.93 and 3.x (12.09.2022)

  • Added compatibility with Blender 3.3
  • remade snapping - only selected vertices will snap (in past - whole mesh would be snapped to high-poly obj)

Update 3.0 for Blender 2.93 and 3.x (17.02.2023)

  • Code refactor. Hopefully it will fix some random issues people are experiencing

Update 3.1for Blender 2.93 and 3.x (1.04.2023)

  • added compatibility with blender 3.5

Update 3.3 for Blender 3.5 and up only! (1.04.2023)

  1. moved whole open-gl drawing to new GPU module in blender 3.5

Update 3.4 for Blender 3.6 and up only! (8.08.2023)

  • option to draw in Edit mode and/or Sculpt Mode and/or Object Mode and/or Paint Mode
  • Xray will show now shapekeys on object correctly

Update ver 3.6 (for version with snapping (24.11.2023) :

  • improved snapping behavior on concave areas
  • nicer results when using subdivision modifier on your retopo mesh,
  • ability to snap to any object (not just mesh types)
  • new - snap to: selected object, collection of objects, all objects
  • ability to affect neighbors of selected geometry, for nicer retopo mesh interpolation
  • added new - projected snapping method

Update ver 3.8 (for version with snapping (2.3.2024):

  • Fixed 'Projected snapping' method when using Orthographic view
  • fixed not being able to snap in mesh edit mode, when Xray overlay Mode was set to Sculpt only display method,
  • other fixes and tweaks
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Draw Xray

384 ratings
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