Blob Fusion

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Blob Fusion

10 ratings

Blob Fusion is Blender add-on targeted for character/creature base-meshes creation. It can be thought as mix of ZSpheres with Metaballs, combining best of both worlds. I wished for this kind of workflow being possible, for quite some time.

Works with Blender 3.3 and above .


  • Model your characters using two primitives: Sphere and Round cone Blobs
  • Auto-generated hierarchy of objects (rig like) is created, when adding new Blob
  • Blobs blending control that allows to get organic results
  • One click Symmetrical setup,
  • Easy to use: extrude, subdivide, connect and duplicate is all you need to model
  • One click Armature generation

Video Documentation

Online Documentation

Addon support channel

How To use:

  • Go to right sidebar (N) -> Tools -> Blob Fusion tab -> Click [+] icon (Add Blob Domain)
  • Workspace tool will be automatically switched to 'Blob Fusion' - this overrides some hotkeys to the ones listed below
  • Shift+A (add menu) -> Add blob (first entry) - this will be first thing you will want to use.
  • Select created Blob (empty) - press E - to extrude it into capsule. More hotkeys below:


  • Shift+A Add Menu Blob
  • E Extrude
  • Shift+D Duplicate Blob(s)
  • Ctrl + MMB Scroll Select adjacent Blobs
  • F Connect
  • W Subdivide segment
  • P Rip/Separate Selected
  • Shift+G Select Child Blobs, Select Blobs by Type
  • Alt+B Adjust Blob Blend factor
  • Ctrl+B Blob Parameters Popup
  • M Toggle Mute Blob(s)
  • Alt+M Unmute All
  • X\\Del Delete
  • Alt+S Unify Scale - makes empty Round
  • Shift+V Slide Empty towards adjacent Node Ending/Parent

Blob Fusion has build-in auto-updater - available from add-on preferences. It is good idea to restart Blender after addon update.

Update 1.1 (10.08.2022)

  • added automated rig generation
  • added fast transform mode.
I want this!

Blob Fusion addon zip file, and 3 example Characters


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