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For Blender 2.8 and 3.x

By default some blender operations do not work very well with instances. Mainly I speak about 'Apply transformation' and 'Set Origin to'. Apply transformation - won't work at all with instanced object and setting 'Origin to 3D cursor' won't preserve position of instances. I made python version of these, that fixes above problems.. The 'Transform Utils' also has some other tools that I developed while working with blender.

  • Get Transform Orientation - quick way to align gizmo to selected object, face, vertex or edge.
  • Match To Transformation  - Sets current object rotation to match the gizmo transform orientation
  • Apply Transformation - lets you apply location, rotation, scale even on object with instances. Instances positions will be maintained.
  • Set Origin - same as above but to setting object origin
  • Store position - save current object location, rotation, scale. Position can be restored with 'Restore position' button.

Ctrl + A menu contains quick access to Set Origin and Apply Transformation

Update 1.2 (09.03.2019)

  • version for blender 2.8 released.

Update 2.4 (04.02.2020)

  • most operations work now on meshes, curves, armatures, matabals etc.
  • added 'Set origin to Selected element' - in editmode.
  • fix child objects moving, when using Apply Transformation
  • fix 'Match to Transfrom Orientation' not maintaining object rotation correctly
  • Reworked UI, better operator descriptions, cleaned up the code.
  • Ctrl + A menu contains quick access to Set Origin and Apply Transformation

Update 2.5 (12.02.2020)

  • integration with GroupPro 2.1.5 for: set origin, apply transformation, match transform orientation
  • Apply Transformation and Set Origin are now also available through ctrl+A menu
  • cleaning UI, bugfixes

Update 2.6 (02.06.2020)

  • apply transformation works on multiple objects now
  • apply transformation will now try to maintain modifiers sizes
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