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Addon for Blender 2.93 for easy managing groups of objects

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With GroupPro you can merge objects into one container object in non destructive way (using instances collections).  Features:

  • edit any instances on scene (not just the 'source' one, like it works by default, with collection instances)

  • work in recursive way - group, can be created from subgroups, which can be made of subgroups etc. Any subgroup can be edited and saved, with all other instances updated in real-time

  • easy mirroring of selected groups (fixes group instance mirror bug in blender)

  • change group origin, without destroying positions of other instances placed in scene

  • apply transformations to group (location, rotation, scale)

  • dissolve group (split it into original objects)

    • ability to edit linked libraries groups directly in current blend file

    • edit material in all group sub-objects in one click (replace, add, assign mat)

  • create group proxies (temporary lowpoly version, to speed up viewport)

This makes working with huge scenes with lots of objects easy and gives all the pros of group instances:

  •  less memory memory usage

  •  easy selection of multiple objects with one click

Here is video tutorial/demo how to use GroupPro (now new videos):

And blenderartist thread with QA:

You will get free updates whenever there are new ones.

Update 2.0.8 and 2.0.9(for Blender 2.8 only)

  • fixed initialize function

  • flip - now is aware of previously created copy. It will update its position, instead of creating new instance of flip

  • Added ability to group collections. See vid:

Update 2.0.11 (for Blender 2.8 only fix)

  • grouping collection now fully supported (Right click in outliner -> 'Group from collection').

  • quaternion option added to preferences (prevents gimbal lock that may sometimes happen with euler object rotations, but less user friendly that euler rotations)

  • More options for Flip operator (new coordinate systems - global, local cursor)

  • Origin to center of bounding box added

Update 2.0.12 (for Blender 2.8 only fix)

  • added local mode options: tree, list

  • option for linking modifier objects added

  • option for linking children objects added

Update 2.0.13 (for Blender 2.8 only fix)

  • added 'update addon' option in preferences. When next release of GP will be out, use it to automatically download and install new GP version. Hopefully it will work :). Problems may be reported eg. on discord:

  • improved pick group - gives more predictable results, bugfixes.

Update 2.0.17 (22.05.2019- will work only with blender builds after 21may):

  • Compatibility fixes for latest blender release (after 21 may)

  • Added option to un-instance meshes when creating Group Copy.

Update 2.1.0 (12.09.2019, for blender 2.8)

  • Added Proxies generation support

  • added ability to edit linked libraries groups (beta)

  • new documentation

Update 2.1.3 (19.11.2019, for blender 2.8)

  • fix bad bounding box drawing, when using 'set origin'

  • 'create group' will use active object collection as target for placing new group empty

Update 2.1.5 (12.02.2020)

  • better handling of broken groups,

  • opening group will now make its collection active in outliner

  • added - apply transformation (loc, rot or/and scale)

  • fix drawing of bbox after refactor

Update 2.1.6 (21.02.2020)

  • Pick Open - you can now scroll to change opened hierarchy depth,

  • fix isolate view,

  • material menu - added 'Change color'

  • UI cleanup

Update 2.1.7 (23.02.2020)

  • you can now snap to the corners of group bounding boxes (for old groups you have to open them then close - after that corner snapping will work)

  • fixed SSL certificate error problem

  • added faster material color update

  • added option to disable bounding box vertices

Update 2.2.0 (19.12.2020)

  • fix auto-updater for  Mac users,

  • improved Flip operator,

  • Bugfixes for Blender 2.91

Update 2.2.2 (28.04.2021)

  • added auto viewport group coloring option in addon preferences (default ON),

  • added option to skip using stored flip origin (use 3D cursor instead)

  • added 'Link to group' option to Ctrl+L menu

  • fix bugs related to Proxies switching and other bugfixes

Updated 2.2.3 ( 22.05.2021)

  • added Blender 2.93 support,

  • keep active object when adding and removing objects from group

Updated 2.2.4 (For blender 2.93 - 06.10.2021)

  • added support for Join Object/Group (Ctrl+J),

  • added option 'origin from active' when creating group,

  • added support for assigning materials to curves

  • You will get zip file with GroupPro

  • You will get zip file with GroupPro


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